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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wine tasting and food matching

Maison Guilhot

I had the pleasure of being invited to a soirée at Maison Guilhot in Perpignan last week where Olivier Pithon was present and spoke openly about his journey into wine in the PO. Originally from the Val de Loire where his brother produces some fine wines also, he moved to the Pyrenees Orientales over 10 years ago, inspired solely by Gauby whom he considers to be 'la référence' regarding quality wines in the Roussillon region.
You know it's going to be a serious evening when the proprietor and the chef introduce the night saying that they live for wine and food pairing. It is their all consuming passion they proudly declared .. oh and as well as their families they hastily mumbled.
The soirée was held in George's cave, in the centre of Perpignan, where he has a long ancient table which sits about 14 people at the back of the shop. Très convivial!

The wine and food menu was as follows ( in french):

PITHON, deux frères, deux terroirs:
Cuvée Lais blanc
Tartine de saumon fumé, crème épaisse au wazabi.

Chenin Blanc,Pithon-Paillé
Soupe de crevettes au safran.

D 18 blanc
Supions à l'ancre, sauce tomate séchée concassée.

Cuvée Lais Rouge
Brochette Agneau Orientale au Razalhanut.

Bourgueil Pithon-Paillé
Cassolette de moungettes cremeuses, dés de magret de canard , poivre de Madagascar, coulis de poivrons rouges.


Le Pilou rouge
Ganache légère au chocolat, coulis de poivron, framboise et son petit gâteau au chocolat.

Every course had been meticulously researched to match the wine exactly and that it did. One of Pithon's fans was completely awestruck and one stage blurted out ' I have not cried in 15 years, but I think I am going to cry now" while tasting the Cuvée Lais Rouge. Ok, at that stage, my companion and I had to hold back the giggles at his flagrant prostration but it was damn good for all that..

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