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Monday, June 8, 2009

Congrads to USAP

What a match, what a victoire, what a homecoming!
The USAP team arrived back to Perpignan last night to be greeted by 25,000 revellers lining the streets of this proud Catalan town (That's nearly one fifth of the whole population of Perpignan! )
They gathered in their throngs, singing, shouting, crying with joy, as their heroes lapped the city on open top buses, finishing up on the steps of the Castillet to a rapturous reception.

After making it to the finals three times since 1998 and not having won the coveted top place since 1955, this certainly is an event to celebrate!
The final score in the match was 22-13 - poor Clermont ferrand though , one can't help feeling sorry for this team, always the bridesmaid, never the bride: they have made it to the final 10 times, but have never come home with "le brennus"
Oh well, as they say , there's always next year!!
The celebrations will continue for many weeks here in the South of France .. well done boys, we are proud of you!

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