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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Norwegians in Perpignan

Vin reise inne perpignan

I seem to be getting lots of enquiries from Norway where "La Crise" seems to have by passed the country - they are travelling South in droves because of the cheap flights into Girona and Barcelona and the promise of good weather, fine wines and value for money dining out experiences is a huge draw for them.

So, it was no surprise that my group of 7 Norwegians staying in Fitou, were very " satisfied and contented" with their Red Beret Wine Tour on Monday last.
They were just blown away by the excellent value for money in the wineries where one can buy a hand crafted, lovingly made wine for around the €5 mark.

Their only complaint was that they were limited to bringing 5 bottles of wine back to their home country as is the law in Norway.

We visited three fabulous and different vineyards and indulged in a gourmet lunch with the winemaker as company ..

Starters was a Mediterranean tomato tarte with olive jam
Mains ; a tasty Moroccan chicken dish , served with roasted vegetables and minty couscous
Dessert ; a scrummy home made cake with fresh fruit and lashings of real cream

One word : decadent ! And all this was washed down with the appropriate wines as suggested by the vineyard owner himself. One other word : divine!

It's no wonder they are loathe to head back North!
Lykke og trygt reise ( Safe journey, in Norwegian, I think!)

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